Hey, I'm Silvano!

Hey, I'm Silvano!

Writing code and other things

20 Jun 2021

Just a page that tells you what am up to now, obviously inspired by Derek Sivers


As of now it’s almost one year that I’ve started working at Arduino in the Tooling Team. I’ve already learned a lot in just one year and am enjoying my time, am working with lots of awesome and knowledgeable people.


In the past months I’ve started shooting and developing film photography again, it’s something that I missed quite a bit in the last years; also shooting more digitally. Thinking about buying an enlarger to print a bit or even a scanner.

With the easing of COVID restrictions in Italy am thinking to cancel my rent and start hopping from city to city while I keep working, I just need a laptop after all. Am still not sure, thinking about it, need to understand if it’s economically feasible. Or I might buy an house, who knows. 🤷


Am always reading something, I tend to limit the number of technical books to one or two depending on the “load”.

Right now am reading the Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools AKA The Dragon Book, seems like a great interesting technical read. I think it will pay off.

Also I started some months ago Il Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, a classical of italian literature; it fits with the pandemic theme. Am enjoying it but the archaic italian makes is kinda hard and slow to read.

Recently instead I picked up Psychonet by Eleonora De Conciliis, a philosophical take on how the internet influences the human mind and its evolution. I probably lack some background to understand it fully but nonetheless it has some interesting idea.