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30 Dec 2023

Just a page that tells you what am up to now, obviously inspired by Derek Sivers


It’s one whole year that I’ve been working at deepset in the Core Team. It’s really cool being part of a company that is part of the changes brought by LLMs and AI. Just hoping the bubble doesn’t burst.


Moved to Matera recently, the city with the Sassi. It’s certainly something living this close to an UNESCO site. I’m enjoying the change of pace from Turin.


I’m not reading too much these days but I keep buying loads of books, I have so much space to fill in my bookcase.

Though I’m slowly reading E giustizia per tutti, part of the series of books “Cose spiegate bene” from il Post newspaper and Iperborea. It talks about the italian judicial system, it’s inner workings, its flaws, etc.