Hey, I'm Silvano!

Writing code and other things

20 Jun 2021

Just a page that tells you what am up to now, obviously inspired by Derek Sivers


As of now it’s more than one year that I’ve started working at Arduino in the Tooling Team. Am getting more and more knowledgable about more and more projects and am really enjoying all the technical side of it, there’s ton of space for improvements and things to do. I feel like am making an impact.


I kinda moved to Turin a couple of months ago, am enjoying my time but not sure how much I’ll stay. The perks of remote working remotely I guess. I thinking of moving in the mountains.


Am always reading something, I tend to limit the number of technical books to one or two depending on the “load”.

Right now am reading the Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools AKA The Dragon Book, seems like a great interesting technical read. I think it will pay off.

Am also reading Salire in montagna by Luca Mercalli, it’s a sort of diary on the difficulties of moving into the mountains, buying an house, renovating it, making sustainable for the future and this kind of things. It’s really interesting on the technical side but I don’t like some of the author’s opinions.

I’ve started reading Dune by Frank Herbert too, it’s not disappointing me at all, I love Sci-fi after all.